GoSave Review

March 29, 2011 · 0 comments

GoSave.com Review

Please click here to join GoSave.

GoSave is a “social shopping and rewards network” that offers members points, redeemable for prizes including gift cards, for playing games, shopping online, and referring friends.

Originally launched in January 2009, the site was officially relaunched yesterday (it was previously a more straightforward cashback shopping site).  Still in development, its “GoGetters” (beta-testers) are assisting the team in reporting the random bug here and there and offering feedback to improve the site.

Management is quick to clear up any misconception that GoSave is a cashback shopping site.  It’s not. In fact at present, there’s nothing on the site that defines the value of the points earned through GoSave.  That fact, however, did not stop me from spending two solid hours playing their first interactive game, The Daily Saver.  Members can talk amongst themselves while playing a game of guessing the most popular answer provided by those currently playing the game.  (No cheating allowed.  They have ways of checking.)

Three more games will be going live in the next month, and these are said to be much different from The Daily Saver, much more fun, and much more intense.  Management also promises other new features that will delight and engage.

Back to those points…  The first “Rewards Show” will be coming on April 25th at 2pm ET.  The value of members’ points will be determined at that time.  Cryptic?  Yes.  Intriguing?  Yes, again.  My guess is that it will work something like that segment of Survivor when Jeff Probst brings out food items, tells people there is a limited number of food items but he won’t say how many, and people bid on auction items not knowing what cooler item might be next…or if this item might be the last.

At this point, I don’t know if it’s accurate to call GoSave a rewards program, or a loyalty program, or even an incentive program.  At this particular stage, I’d say it’s more of a game site.  If their forthcoming games are as addictive as the current one, I predict my productivity level to hit a Jellyfish-era low.  (The parallels to the games between reverse auction “shows” on the late, great Jellyfish.com are eerie, considering that GoSave founder Dane McLeod says he never used the site.)

Other details you’ll need to know: you have to be 18 or older and have a Facebook account that you’re willing to connect to the site in order to sign up, there is no limit to the number of accounts per household, and you can refer other people, including family members, for points.  (Please don’t abuse this, or I’m sure limits will be put in place.)

Here is my referral link to join GoSave if my review has piqued your interest at all.  Again, the site is a work-in-progress but it’s very different and their (only so far) game is quite entertaining.

Stay tuned:  I’ll update this review as the site develops.

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