Cashbaq Closed, Owners Say Victim of Recession

February 1, 2011 · 0 comments has closed its doors, shut down as a consequence of “the worst recession of our lifetime,” according to the message greeting visitors to the site this morning.  They have shut down their Facebook page, but their Twitter account is still live, although inactive since November 15th.

According to a TrustLink review, the company hasn’t made payments since late November.

77Blue, LLC, owner of Cashbaq, is still an active corporation according to the California Secretary of State.  Their coupon site,, is still up and running.  While they deleted the homepage, you can still access their About Us page through a Google search, where they say, “77Blue has headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. We remain privately owned and profitable.”  (I’m thinking that page is a tad bit outdated.)

If you were owed money, you can try to file a complaint with the BBB against 77Blue — experience has proven this to be futile when a website shuts down like this, but in your favor, however, is the following clause from Cashbaq’s Terms:

  • Termination or Changes to the Program
    29. Cashbaq reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time with notice. This means you will have sixty (60) days from the date notice of Program termination is provided to you to redeem Cash Back Rebates in your account. Notification of Program termination will be sent to the e-mail address you provide to Cashbaq during the registration process…

Interesting,  hmm?

Before anyone decides to jump on the “cashback shopping model is antiquated and on its way out” bandwagon, let’s take a look at how big of a player Cashbaq really was (thanks, Alexa):

I don’t mean to downplay the significance of us losing another competitor in the market — it always makes me sad when it happens — only to put into perspective that this simply wasn’t a program that was able to compete with the big boys and its closure won’t have much impact.

More info as it becomes available.

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