Beware, Fandango Users!

June 21, 2003

Update, 9/12/06: FINALLY! After years of this scam continuing on unabated, someone finally filed suit against Webloyalty (Reservation Rewards) and Fandango! Read more here!
The hubby bought tickets online this morning (at to see the new Hulk movie. After his purchase was complete, he got a popup window asking if he wanted to complete a survey to get $10 off his next Fandango purchase. He completed the survey and it told him congrats for joining Reservation Rewards.
Reservation Rewards’ website says that it offers discounts on movie tickets, amusement park tickets, dining out, etc. I thought this sounded awfully similar to MyPoints Reservation Rewards, which I knew cost money for membership.
Guess what? It is indeed the same program…and when my husband completed that survey, he was automatically signed up with the email address and credit card he had on file at Fandango. Further,’s FAQ doesn’t say anything about there being a charge for membership. A membership fee is acknowledged in the Members Terms of Service page on the site, but it doesn’t specify what that cost is.
My husband couldn’t log into because he didn’t have a password — he’d never been asked for one! Apparently when he completed the survey and Fandango passed on his CC and email to Res. Rewards, they assigned him a generic password (which they did send when he clicked on the option “forgot my password”). Once he was finally able to log into the Res. Rewards site, he saw that he was indeed charged $7 which would recur every month unless he called to cancel.
So…if you buy movie tickets online through Fandango, be aware that this popup is not giving you a $10 discount on a future purchase with no obligation at all! It is actually signing you up to Reservation Rewards, where you’ll be charged $7 a month until you call to cancel! I think this should be illegal. Please beware!
Update, 7/18: I notice I’m getting a lot of site visits from folks searching for “reservationrewards” on search engines. These guys appear to be a big-time rip-off. Some places you can go to file complaints: Rip-off, the Connecticut Better Business Bureau (they have an unsatisfactory rating), the Internet Fraud Complaint Center,… just to name a few. Just FYI,, the company that owns ReservationRewards, also operates,, and Here is the contact information (including phone numbers) from their website.
I’m reading a lot of horror stories about these people…and am thankful that my husband and I realized what was going on as soon as we got subscribed to their program, so we could cancel it. I wish you all the best in getting unsubscribed and receiving refunds due.

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