Swag Bucks Introduces Games

January 13, 2011 · 2 comments

Swagbucks has introduced a new feature today – flash games (all free) during which Swag Bucks will periodically be awarded.

Members may also choose to spend Swag Bucks on entry into a tournament offering the chance to win larger Swagbucks amounts.  (Residents of AZ, CT, ND, or VT are not allowed to participate in tournaments due to legal prohibitions.)

There are 31 flash games in all, preceded by a brief ad, and they include word games, puzzles, and arcade style games.

I got the opportunity to try some of the games out in advance.  Two that I enjoyed were worDrop and Word Chain Plus.

In worDrop, you have to spell words quickly with letters that drop from the top of the screen.  I won 2 SB after playing one game and submitting my high score.  This gave me the courage to spend 10 SB to enter a 3-player worDrop tournament (I lost).  With 30 in entry SB (3 players x 10 SB each) and a 20 SB prize, it appears that the point of tournaments is to take SB out of circulation.  This helps to offset the SB they’re giving out for playing non-tournament (free) games.  And I’m sure the ad revenue also offsets the expense of the no-entry-fee games, too.

Word Chain Plus was another I tried and liked.  You’re given a four letter word and you have to change a letter to make a new word.  No repeat words are allowed.  Play until you run out of time or can’t make any more words.  I didn’t win any SB after my first play, but won 2 SB after playing a second game of it, though.

Played three games of Hungry Snake and didn’t win any SB.

I guess my experience in this is that Swag Bucks Games is somewhat more profitable than watching videos (and a lot more fun) but it’s still not something that you’re going to earn a substantial number of SB from.  If you enjoy playing casual games online, Swag Bucks Games is a fun way to spend some time while earning a few SB in the process.

Please join Swagbucks here if you’re not already a member — they’ll start you off with 30 SwagBucks, plus you’ll get a 30 SB bonus if you enter code SBGames when  you join with my link!

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SandyC January 14, 2011 at 9:29 pm

Just joined and got the 60 swag bucks! Thanks!


Me February 27, 2011 at 6:43 pm

I really don’t like Swagbucks’ new toolbar that pops up every time a user goes to their site. Check out what it does and why I say that here: http://wiki.wibiya.com/Framework_API#wibiyaToolbar.framework.connect

And here: http://wiki.wibiya.com/Framework_API#Reporting_statistic_actions


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