No Word on PrimaRewards

June 3, 2003

Well, June 1 has come and gone, and Prima doesn’t appear to have been updated yet. To those of y’all who’re asking, nope, I haven’t heard anything from Scott. I think it’s in all of our best interests to leave that site alone until we get some sort of communication from the owner. The optimist in me says, hey, there’s still hope something positive will happen… but the realist in me says, hellooooo dumbass, the site’s been on cruise control for about 5 months!! If the guy can’t take 5 minutes to at least send out a mass email to let us know what’s going on, why are you still doing LookQuick searches for him???

Scott, if you’re out there somewhere, couldja please either do something with the site or shut it off??? It’s just not morally right for you to be earning money from people and not crediting accounts or sending out rewards. Do right by your loyal users. We’re waiting…just not so patiently anymore.

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