Hints on Maximizing Your Rewards

October 19, 2001

Updated, 11/06.
One of the questions I see a lot on the message boards is, “Can you give me some hints on how to earn the most points on this-or-that rewards program?” This is a very incomplete list, but here are some ideas to help. Please email if you have other tips to share!
General Hints
Use a different email address for every rewards program you join. Create new mail addresses on Hotmail, YahooMail, or Mail.com for this if necessary. Make a note of the addresses! Another suggestion is to create addresses you can remember, like mypointshappy@mail.com, ebateshappy@mail.com, etc. What’s the advantage here? To get points for signups you must have a unique email address. Also, some merchants that give rewards for “first-time customers” only check your email address to verify if you’ve bought there before (instead of putting a cookie on your machine). If you can use a different email address…ahem.
Another hint: some rewards programs pay you a small number of points or cents for correctly answering a daily trivia question. There is a daily newsletter that provides the correct answers to these questions, saving you a lot of time and effort — more information on that newsletter is here.
Hints for BondRewards
Be sure to read their emails and click the link inside where it says, and you’ll receive 5 BondRewards cents (worth 2.5c) for each!
Hints for BzzAgent
Log into the site several times a week and look for surveys/polls. Your answers to these will help qualify you for upcoming surveys. Also, once in a campaign, try to file your first report as soon as possible. It takes a while to get your report approved, and you can’t attempt to cash out your points for that campaign’s rewards until you have at least one report approved for the campaign. BzzAgents are required to identify themselves as BzzAgents when bzzing the product. And all bzz is good bzz; you will not be penalized for filing a report on bzz that didn’t go so well.
Hints for CreationsRewards
When you’re in the Daily Visits area, hold down the shift key as you click each button. A new window will open and you can click the banner in it…then go back to the Daily Visits window and shift-click the next banner. In other words, you can have multiple Daily Visits windows open at a time, which will save you a little bit of time. Be sure you opt in for their daily email to earn additional points. This is one of the sites that pays (poitns) for daily trivia answers — see General Hints above.
Hints for Days Of Our Lives Rewards
This is another site that pays (points) for daily trivia answers — see General Hints above.
Hints for Freeride
My friend Ginger put up a great list of Freeride hints on her message forum, here. I don’t do this program much and can’t really add anything.
Hints for Freestyle Rewards
Make sure you read the emails they send, and click at least one link in the email, they’re for 5 points each.
Hints for Milesource
This is another site that offers points for daily trivia answers. See the General Hints above for information on the answers newsletter. For your daily clicks, hit the shift key as you click on a link, which will a new window. Minimize it, then go on to the next link. When you’re done, go back and close each window. Saves lots of time!
Hints for MyPoints
Bonus Mails (5 pts each, worth about 4c) are sent based on your answers to their user questionnaire. If you check “yes” under all of the interest categories, you will get more bonus mails.
Hints for QuickRewards.net
This is another program that pays (1c to random correct answerers) for daily trivia — see the General Hints above to sign up for the daily trivia answers newsletter. Be sure you opt in to their daily emails; links are 1c or more each. Offers on the site must be confirmed for you to receive credit; after you complete an offer, return to the offer page, refresh it, and click the Confirm Signup button. A popup will prompt you for some minor bit of info required to confirm your signup and credit your account. Offers done by email do not require this extra confirmation step.
Hints for QuizPoints
Be sure to submit a freebie daily for points. Try to qualify for the daily survey for points, too (if you complete a Daily Survey on one of the other rewards programs, you won’t get credited for both… unless you clear cookies and cache first).
Hints for RewardTV
Check out the BigBigForums section on RewardTV for trivia answers daily. Also, their Trivia2 Daily Answer is provided in the daily trivia answers newsletter (see the General Hints section above).
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Updated, 11/06.

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