2010 Chat Recap

October 17, 2010 · 1 comment

If you missed last night’s chat, you really missed out on an event to remember! I’ll do my best to recap the highlights for you:

Craig Cassata, President/Founder of MrRebates: Asked some questions about favorite stores, explained the general concept of how cashback works, and told us about the coupons available on MrRebates, the Store of the Week, and about an upcoming holiday promotion that will award five members a day with $100 just for shopping through MrRebates. He finished up strong, awarding one lucky winner (trunkschan) a $100 Amazon.com GC!

Allison Jones, Social Media Manager of Ebates: Talked about the fact that Ebates was the cashback pioneer, with eleven years in the biz, the free gift card you can get if you sign up and make an order of $20 or more, the Ebates shopping blog, and the fact that she’s the “woman behind the curtain” at Ebates’ Twitter and Facebook accounts. She also finished up with a great giveaway, an iPod Shuffle (swiped by Sweeper2000).

Tricia Hennessey, Online Merchandising Coordinator of Memolink: She helps put together the emails and promotions that we all love at Memolink. Started off by giving us all a 1,000 point MemoCode (the points will credit on Monday, if you’re wondering where they are!), and talked about an upcoming double points promo, their shopping blog, and upcoming coupon expansion. They have plans in the works for Mechanical Turks to be added to Memolink (short tasks like verifying websites, that’ll allow you to earn points). She gave out two $25 GCs of the winner’s choice (to Janine818 and Vivabound), a $50 (CathiM), a $75 (deblira), and a $100 (BuddyTheClip)!

Bo Mcguffee, Senior Moderator at FatWallet: Talked about the three facets of FatWallet: the immensely popular deal forum, the cashback part, and their new Best Deals section. Mentioned that while FatWallet doesn’t have a referral program, their new sister site that just went public, Lootzi, does. Talked about forum contests including the win-a-Black Friday-tee going on now, and about Black Friday and holiday shopping in general are huge parts of FW’s forum. He wrapped up by giving away FatWallet tees to six lucky chatters.

Keith Pequeno, VP of Partner Development at Upromise: Talked about many features at Upromise that make it unique in addition to cashback shopping with coupons: the dining program, the eCoupons, the Upromise credit card, the Community forum, contests, and a variety of ways to cash out earnings including applying payments toward existing student loans, transfers to savings account with a 10% matching bonus, transfers to 529 college savings plans, and payment by check. Finished up the night by awarding free $25 Restaurant.com gift certificates to EVERYONE who stayed until the end of the chat.

Other highlights included a $50 GC donated by Alice.com (won by Theresa N.), $1 signup bonuses to new members of QuickRewards.net and DailySurveyPanel only to new members that joined during the chat, ten $5 account credits awarded to QuickRewards.net members, and various giveaways sponsored by CompareRewards and AttentionDealShoppers including merchandise and dozens of various gift cards.

The evening was not glitch-free: a 20 SwagBucks SwagCode issued for use during the chat came up as expired (it has since been corrected, if you were there and remember the code, but enter it fast — the number of uses is limited)… and we had a last minute HTML change for our chat room which left about ten people stranded, wondering where the rest of us were, but I think we all managed to find one another eventually. ;)

These annual chats are not easy to set up, organize, or keep moderated, and I have to give huge kudos to my pal Ginger of AttentionDealShoppers.com for everything she does every year to make the event a success.

A major reason these chats are such a huge draw is because of the support given by the cashback and rewards program insiders to what I do here at CompareRewards.com. Although I’ve emailed them with my gratitude personally, I also want to publicly thank our guests, Craig, Allison, Tricia, Bo, and Keith, and the Powers That Be in their organizations for letting them come and offer great prizes to our chatters. These folks gave up part of, or MOST of, their Saturday night, with kids and families, and during college football season no less, to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about their programs and to scoop us on what’s ahead.

And although they were unable to attend, big thanks go out to Scott at SwagBucks, Rebecca at Alice.com, and Dmitry at QuickRewards.net for donating prizes in support of the annual chat as well.

Last but actually foremost, I want to thank my readers, and Gingers’, for coming to chat with us this year. We got to visit with some regulars and to meet some new folks who I think will be “regulars” next year… and it’s really an honor and privilege that not only do you come around when there are prizes to be had, but year-round you visit our sites, come to us for advice, try out new sites with our affiliate links, participate on our blogs and social media, tell your friends about us, heck, sometimes even send us surprises in the mail or very sweet thank-you emails!

Helping other people save and earn online are what drives me and Ginger, and I hope that we’re helping your family to get along a little more comfortably as we share some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned ourselves along the way.

Thanks to all, and let’s do this thing again next year, shall we? :)

p.s. If you missed the chat, you may still want to visit RewardsChat.com to sign up for notifications of future chats and to read up on some of the articles we’ve posted about saving money and finding deals!

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Ginger Jones October 17, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Oh Becky! I think this was one for the record books. Only one or two slight glitches for the entire evening (well minus the fact I lost Internet connectivity for 20 minutes).
I too want to thank you, our sponsors, readers, visitors & subscribers. It takes more than a village to pull it off annually but we somehow find ourselves eventually in front of the keyboard staring at the screen and chatting for hours on end doing what we do best – TEACH! I agree with everything you posted. GREAT recap!
I appreciate all of your work behind the scenes to email the supporters, push out a press release and so much more to get all of those things on the to-do list accomplished. My part is easy – I love playing around with setting up the blog, the lame-o graphics, and pushing out notifications.
I think we have done this so long we could do it in our sleep. We do work well together and we always laugh a lot along the way. I love that. I hope our joy shows to those looking in on our event.
A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who participated, donated prizes or somehow pitched in for this well loved event.
Thanks Becky!!!!!! You are ‘da bomb!


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