One Year Magazine Subscriptions Plus 500 MyPoints for Around $5

September 8, 2010 · 0 comments

mypointslogo.jpgIt’s back! MyPoints (aff) is offering 500 points for each subscription you order from, AND they have a coupon code listed: mypoints5off for $5 off select titles! There are around 15 titles for 5 bucks or less, including Family Fun, Motor Trend, Parents, and Maxim! And since the 500 MyPoints you’ll earn are worth $3.73, you’re looking at under $1.27 per subscription! Great, cheap gift idea!

But they’re not going to make it easy for you to find the better deals, so I’m going to save you some time:
To find out which titles are eligible for the $5 off code, DON’T click through the big banner ad you see scrolling on the top of the page when logged into your account. Instead, hover over the orange Deals tab, click Online Coupons, the letter “M”, and click through the link there.

entertainmentweekly0910.jpgNext, click on View All Eligible Titles (it’s a text link just above the gray Featured Titles bar). The default sort is alphabetical but if you just want to look for the best deals, sort by Price: Low to High. It factors in the coupon discount automatically, and it only shows mags eligible for the $5 off discount.

Be sure to scan through the whole list of coupon-eligible titles. They have a YEAR’s subscription to Entertainment Weekly, 52 issues, for just $15 after the coupon code!
There are other mags that are priced very competitively that aren’t eligible for the coupon code. When you’re done looking at those that are on the coupon-eligible list, just click on the Home or Browse tab at the top of the screen and you can dig around and see for yourself! For example, a year of Good Housekeeping for $7.97 plus $3.73 worth of points is still a bargain!
Note: I would only order one subscription at a time, and would click through the MyPoints link each time, to be sure that you receive the points.
Not a member of MyPoints yet and you want to get in on this deal? Please join MyPoints with my affiliate link here — thanks!

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