Sears and Kmart Christmas Club

August 27, 2010 · 0 comments

Sears is doing its Christmas Club Card promotion again this year (the co-branded cards can be used at Kmart stores also): buy a Christmas Club card preloaded with a value of at least $5 before October 31st, and you can add cash to the card whenever you’d like. Then, sometime between 11/16 and 11/24 (at the latest), Sears will add 3% to whatever value was on the card on 11/15.
There are two versions of the card: a standard (physical) card and an electronic “card.” Either can be used in-store. The only difference is that the physical card can be purchased and reloaded in-store or online… while the eCard can only be purchased and reloaded online.
The Sears Christmas Club website has a handy calculator for building a weekly savings plan: enter how much you’d like to save in total and when you want to begin, then it tells you how much to sock away every week to reach your goal.
The card has no expiration and no fees. It can’t be used to buy third-party prepaid or debit cards, and no cash refunds are available for purchases made with the card. But all in all, if you were planning to shop at Sears or Kmart anyway, this is a free 3% store credit (up to $100) just for buying a card by 10/31 and getting it preloaded by November 15th.

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