Back Up and Running — A Personal Note

August 22, 2010 · 0 comments

My apologies for the two month hiatus here at my mom had open heart surgery (a triple bypass) and I helped my dad take care of her, then six weeks later I became the primary caregiver for my father-in-law who was suffering from end-stage prostate cancer which had metastasized to his lungs, spine, liver, and brain. He passed away three weeks ago. Somewhat distracted by these family issues, I wasn’t able to take care of a domain hosting problem and the next free minute I had to check my site, it was, in my husband’s words, “all jacked up.”
All appears to be fixed now (no thanks to TuCows or iPowerWeb), and finally I’m back in business.
Thanks for checking back in with me, and I hope that you’ll continue to visit frequently for the latest news, reviews, and tips on rewards programs, survey sites, and other cool ways to save and earn online!

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