Get Cash for Gift Cards or Buy Discounted Gift Cards

April 26, 2010 · 0 comments

Do you ever get a gift card as a gift and you think, “Nice thought, but I never shop there — wish I could trade this out for another store or just get cash instead”?
I know a lot of us cash out our rewards programs earnings into gift cards. Getting free GCs is nice but if you need one for a gift and you don’t have the time to earn enough to reach cashout, you might just like to buy a discounted gift card outright.
Heck, if you knew you were going to buy something at Kohl’s or Sears ANYWAY, and there was a way to buy a discounted gift card you could use to get your purchase for even cheaper, who wouldn’t be interested in that?
For all these reasons, I signed up as an affiliate of Plastic Jungle. Let me tell you how it works.
Option one: buy gift cards at a discount. Some of the deals they’re offering right now include $50 Aeropostale GCs for $44, $25 Fandango GCs for $22.75, and $25 Payless GCs for $21.
Option two: sell your gift card for cash, or trade it for Amazon credit. The amount you’ll get for your card depends on demand, seasonality, etc. Most of the $25 gift cards I checked were selling for $18-$19 cash or $19-$20 in Amazon credit.
Please visit Plastic Jungle through the link above or the banner below to support CompareRewards — thanks!

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards

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