Memolink Pointpalooza Limited Time Shopping Rate Increases

March 1, 2010 · 0 comments

Memolink Pointpalooza

Memolink (aff) is starting off March with a bang, with limited-time points per dollar increases for 150+ popular merchants. I’ve created a spreadsheet to display the new limited time Memolink cashback rates (with points per dollar converted to percentage cashback or flat rate dollar amounts).

Just comparing their rates to MrRebates (aff) as a benchmark, a couple of Memolink’s standout rates include 1800Florals at almost 16% cashback, Blockbuster Online at around $16, Botanic Choice at almost 21%, Checks Unlimited at around 16.5%, eHarlequin at 13%, at almost 16%, Nutrisystem at 13%, Priceline at 4%, Scholastic Store at 12%, and VistaPrint at 10%.

Most rates are within a percentage point of MrRebates’, although there are a good many that, even with the point increases, are well below what MrRebates offers.

My advice: cherry-pick the best rates from a selection of favorite rewards programs. No one rewards program is going to have the best at everything. This promotion does make Memolink at least a competitive option… for a limited time.

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