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January 28, 2010 · 1 comment


Wellness360.com, which has been plagued with financial problems since its inception, is down this morning. Whether or not it’s permanent is unclear; I left a message on the company’s voicemail this morning requesting a callback with more information. (I had to use an alternate phone number I found via Google; the phone number listed in their email to members from May 27, 2009, in which the CEO admitted Wellness360′s “difficult times,” is not operational.)
I pulled up the company’s mailing address from that email, 27201 Puerta Real, Suite 350, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, and found that it is now vacant and available for lease (scan down to the bottom of the page to see Suite 350′s listing). In November 2009, Wellness/Aperture was mentioned in a press release as being headquartered in Laguna Niguel, CA, seven miles away. Perhaps not coincidentally, Aperture’s founder and CEO, Thomas Banks, lives in Laguna Niguel.
Wellness360 is owned by Aperture Health and is publicly traded under the stock symbol APRE. They haven’t filed financial reports — or at least, I can’t find any — since the last quarter of 2008, in which they report a loss of $657,000 for the quarter. In looking for something more recent, I found that their stock was kicked off the OTC Bulletin Board last June for failing to filing financial reports with the SEC. They’re now listed with the Pink Sheets. According to Investopedia, “Typically, companies are on the Pink Sheets because either they are too small to be listed on a national exchange or they do not wish to make their budgets and accounting statements public… they should only be purchased with extreme caution.”
I’ll update this post as I get more information. But as it stands, Wellness360 appears to be down for good.
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Nicci February 4, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Thanks for the scoop Becky! I updated what we had about Wellness 360 and have moved the site to a more appropriate area of the forum.


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