Remember to Check YouData for Available Paid Ads

January 13, 2010 · 0 comments


YouData (aff), a site that pays you to view ads tailored to your demographic profile, hasn’t gotten much mention here lately because, since they don’t send out emails, it’s your responsibility to remember to check the site to see if there are paid ads available to view… and I keep forgetting to check! They had two 10-cent ads there for me this morning and I wanted to tip you off to check your own YouData account and see what might be waiting. (If your profile’s different from mine, you may have more…or less.)

Every Friday, YouData auto-deposits any earnings for the week into your PayPal account. It isn’t a huge amount of cash, but it isn’t much investment of time, either…and I’ve found some really nice websites through the ads there that I might not have found out about otherwise. Definitely worth checking into if you’re not a member already… and if you are, here’s your reminder to go to YouData and view the ads available for you!

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