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January 14, 2010 · 0 comments

I find what goes on behind the scenes at rewards programs to be VERY interesting. I get a lot of juicy insider stories from folks who ask me to keep them hush-hush, but here’s one I do have permission to share with you:
QuickRewards.net has just been recognized in Alert! magazine (the monthly journal of the Marketing Research Association) as one of a handful of groundbreaking companies doing business as a survey panel for residents of Russia. As you can imagine, survey sites are active in many countries overseas, but Russia has been a difficult market to get into. Alert! says that about half of survey panel members have only been a member for less than 6 months…and at the other end of the spectrum, only 10% have been a survey panel member for 2 years or more. So this is a very new, evolving business… and QuickRewards is in on the ground floor.
According to Dmitry Beker, founder of QuickRewards.net, the company’s Russian survey panel has over 100,000 panelists including members of specialty panels in IT, Business Decision-Makers, and Healthcare Professionals… quite impressive for a business segment that was virtually non-existent in the country just two years ago!
How will this impact QR members? The survey site is incorporated separately, says Beker, so its success or failure won’t directly impact members of QuickRewards.net. However, the experiences gained by QR’s staff in developing the Russian survey panel will continue to help bring new survey opportunities to QR that aren’t available through other rewards programs.
QuickRewards.net pays members for completing surveys, printing coupons, visiting websites, playing games, reading emails, and shopping online. Members can cash out at any time to PayPal with no minimum balance required (and payments are usually processed within 48 hours), or members can save up for emailed or snail-mailed gift cards from many major retailers. The program is also one of the few rewards programs that waive the “return period” for online shopping purchases, making it possible for you to shop, be credited cashback, and be paid to PayPal within a week.
If you’re not a member of QR yet, please join QuickRewards.net with my referral link — thanks! Please note: I work with QuickRewards.net as their shopping blogger at QRDeals.com.

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