Swagbucks Daily Discounted Redemption

December 13, 2009 · 0 comments

Just a reminder, if you haven’t set your default homepage to SwagBucks, I find that’s the best way to remember to use it to search the internet and win these little babies:
That’s my win from this morning, as I was using Swagbucks.com (aff) to search the internet for a coupon code, the same way I would’ve otherwise used Google. Those Swagbucks add up — I paid for a big chunk of my Christmas gifts this year with the Amazon GCs I earned from Swagbucks throughout the year.
They’re offering a daily discounted redemption in the Swag Store, updated each day at 11am PT, and through that time today they’re knocking 5 SB off the price of a $5 Amazon GC, making it just 40 Swagbucks. You can redeem for a max of two prizes a day. Definitely worth checking in daily a) to do your searches and win, and b) to see which redemption is marked down.
I am finding that it takes a few extra searches to get in my win every day — maybe 5 instead of winning on my second search like clockwork before. So if you don’t win within your first couple of searches, keep trying! I try to click on an occasional sponsored result and would suggest that you do, too (that’s how they make money, I’d assume).

If you’re not a member of Swagbucks and would consider joining and checking it out, please do so with my referral link — thanks!

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