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November 26, 2009 · 1 comment

I get mobbed around this time of year every year with shopping-related questions from friends and family. Sometimes they ask me to scope out a deal on a particular product for them, and other times they’re just wanting to know in general “what the good deals are.” So this year, I decided to make a post of What Becky’s Buying, so anyone who’s interested can take advantage of the deals that were so good, I couldn’t pass ‘em up.
Here are my recent best deals bought online:
$176.64 in clothes (plus a purse) at New York & Company for half-price, plus tax, shipped free with a coupon code. After 10% cashback from Bing: $86.98.
Four pairs of two-for-$20 boxers at American Eagle with free shipping and a 20% off coupon code. After tax, and 4% cashback from QuickRewards.net: $33.76.
One pair of girls’ Heelys at 6pm.com: $19.95 plus shipping less 3% cashback from QuickRewards.net: $26.30.
Smartek Mini Rex Portable Sewing Machine: $14.79 shipped from Dillyeo.com (no cashback available)
Sound Activated Equalizer T-Shirt: $23.97 shipped from Dillyeo.com (no cashback available)
18 $25 Borders GCs, buy 2 get 1 $10 GC free, so $540 in GCs total. Free shipping and no sales tax plus 3% cashback from QuickRewards.net: $436.50.
Westinghouse 32″ LCD 1080i HDTV: $239.95 shipped (no tax) at PC Connection. After 1.6% QuickRewards.net cashback: $236.11.
Playstation 3 (120GB) Bundle with Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time and LittleBigPlanet: $299.99 at BestBuy. After tax (with free store pickup), less 10% Bing cashback: $296.99.
Metallica Guitar Hero (XBox 360): $25 shipped with no tax, at Amazon (aff).
RCA 46″ LCD HDTV (1080p): $688 at Walmart. After tax and shipping (to home), less 15% Bing cashback: $652.33. (Note: bought another for a family member!)
Forza 3 Motorsports (Xbox 360): $39.99 at NewEgg.com with free shipping and no tax, less $4 cashback through Bing
Misc. toddler clothes at Old Navy (15 items including coats and shoes, originally $236.50) $133.65 after tax and coupon with free shipping, less $4.41 cashback through QuickRewards.net
…to be continued!

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YouGoBecky! November 27, 2009 at 3:37 pm

Is anyone having a sale on time today? :D So much to buy and do! Seriously though you got some smokin’ deals. Thanks for sharing the scoop with all of us :)


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