Extrabux Revamps Product Search to Include Coupons, Cashback, Tax, Shipping

October 19, 2009 · 0 comments

Extrabux has always had a great rewards program — they ranked third overall in my annual shopping rate comparison last year — and now they’ve made it even better!
They announced in a 10/6 press release the introduction of their new and improved comparison shopping engine! I got a sneak peek at this a few months ago and was REALLY impressed at how it works. When you search for a specific product, it ranks the results by lowest price after factoring in a merchant’s available coupons and cashback, plus the tax and shipping (based on your zipcode)!
To see a glimpse of how it works:
What’s interesting here is that if you just looked at the product price alone, you’d buy from Home Depot ($338). If you looked at just price less coupon, Home Depot would still win out, at $328. They’d still get the nod if you looked at price, coupon, and cashback. Shipping’s free from all three stores, but when you factor in Home Depot’s tax: Ouch! Taking all of that into consideration, PlumberSurplus gets the edge, over $21 cheaper than Home Depot!
I really want this faucet, by the way… in case Delta Faucet Company’s reading this. ;)
Back on subject, though: You’ll notice that for Improvement Direct, tax is listed as “See Site.” That’s something that Extrabux needs to improve. Also, there are some issues with products not being included in the comparison with other merchants if the product is listed slightly differently by the merchant… so the more specific you can be with your search term (for example, including a model number), the more likely you’ll get a better conglomeration of results. Extrabux admitted in their press release that they did have some refinements to make and said they were working on it.
I think this is something we’ve really needed in the rewards program community, and kudos to Extrabux on the outstanding effort!

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