MyPoints Increasing Cost of $10 Wal-Mart GCs

April 27, 2003 · 0 comments

Effective May 1, MyPoints is increasing the cost (in points) to redeem for $10 Wal-Mart GCs (currently 1,400 points) – no word on how much the new cost will be.
Currently, $10 GCs to Target and Kmart, and $10 Webcerts, cost 1,500 points. I’m willing to bet they’re going to raise $10 Wal-mart GCs to match.
As of this evening, there were no other redemptions marked to be increased in cost.
p.s. There will still be several $10 GCs available for other merchants for 1,400 points…and $10 B.Dalton GCs are still 1,250 points…subject to change at MyPoints’ discretion, of course.

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