Updated List of Search Terms to Trigger Higher Than Listed Cashback Rates at Bing

September 13, 2009 · 0 comments

The faithful deal detectives over at SlickDeals.net have put together a great, updated listing of search terms you can use on Bing.com to trigger higher cashback rates (vs. their standard rates listed on the Bing Cashback site).
The SlickDeals folks are totally on top of Bing Cashback so I’m going to defer to them for the latest but as of this writing, they’re reporting the following:
35% cashback at Ebags: search Bing.com for samsonite
25% cashback at Drugstore.com: search Bing.com for roomba
15% cashback at TigerDirect: search Bing.com for hdd
15% cashback at Circuit City: search Bing.com for circuit city
12% cashback at Overstock: search Bing.com for overstock
11% cashback at Adorama: search Bing.com for crumpler
8% cashback at Ebay: search Bing.com for used stuff
And there are others listed as well. Note: if you use coupon codes when shopping through Bing Cashback, you run a large risk of invalidating your cashback. If the coupon exceeds the cashback, try to combine them (you know you’ll at least get credit for the coupon)…but don’t get all indignant if your cashback doesn’t come. ;)

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