Bing to End Double Cashback Promotion Early (Today!)

August 27, 2009 · 0 comments

Bing sent an email to its merchants on Tuesday advising them that their Bing Double Cashback promotion, slated to run through August, will actually end today, August 27th.
Internet Retailer reported yesterday that The Watchery, one of the merchants participating in Bing’s Double Cashback promotion at a 50% cashback rate, reported record sales of over $1 million on both Sunday and Monday of this week and were asked by Bing to reduce their cashback rate (which they did scale back, to 20% including doubling).
The way the doubling works is that the merchant pays their standard cashback rate and Microsoft/Bing picks up the difference. So, Bing paid its members 25% (half of the 50%) of the $1 million in Watchery sales on Sunday and Monday — that’s a half a million bucks in two days for just this one merchant. I posted last week about the record sales brought in through Bing to (you can extrapolate from the sales numbers provided by Ashford that Bing ate around $100,000 on Ashford cashback in two days last week). So it’s pretty apparent the reason Bing is pulling the plug on this promo early.
If you’ve been holding off on jumping into the Bing Double Cashback promo, no more procrastinating: get that order in today!

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