SwagBucks’ MySpace Page Down Due to Spam; Future Site Plans Announced

August 13, 2009 · 1 comment

Looking for SwagBucks’ MySpace today? You won’t find it — it’s been removed (hopefully temporarily) due to spam complaints.
One of the easiest ways to accumulate SwagBucks fast is through the wins of the friends you referr… so there is an incentive for either ignorant or unscrupulous people to spam their referral link throughout the internet. SwagBucks has always, consistently preached that members should ONLY use legitimate means to advertise their referral links — tell friends and family, post it on your website or blog, but not ever, EVER to spam it. The actions of a few bad apples has, unfortunately, spoiled it for the barrel.
The Swag Guy says that it’s his hope that this will be settled with MySpace and that the page will return soon.
Meanwhile, SwagBucks has given us a rare glimpse of what’s to come with the site, in the works before the first of the year: a homepage update, a new toolbar (ugh, you know I don’t care for those) for Firefox and Safari, more Facebook integration, games, a message board, more stores in the shopping section and more redemptions, and also some mysterious thing called Swaggo. (Could it be SwagBucks Bingo? Hmmm.)
If you’re not a member of SwagBucks and you’d like to check it out, I’d appreciate it if you joined with my link. Tip: set SwagBucks.com as your home page so that every time you open a browser window, you remember to do a search. $5 in Amazon per month is very doable on your own, but if you have friends, you win whatever they win (up to 100SB), so that definitely speeds it up. Other redemptions, too, if you’re not an Amazon fan, including PayPal. Have been paid many, MANY times and highly recommend SwagBucks!

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Rick September 25, 2009 at 2:01 pm

I don’t know about the myspace Swagbucks page. But, they Facebook one is humming along nicely.
They are on par to hit 100,000 fans sometime in October of 2009.


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