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August 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Starting today, August 10th, Bing Cashback is offering “up to” double their regularly competitive cashback shopping rates “for a limited time.”
The increased rates are now reflected on the Bing merchant list.
Currently, Trimlife, Eastbay, and Dan’s Jewelers are at 50% cash back! (I placed an order at Eastbay this morning and got my cashback confirmation from Bing within 30 minutes.)
Another merchant, NowDiscountShoes, says they’re refunding 100% of the purchase price AND providing free shipping — see the site for details! is 40-50% cashback, as are FTD and Dreamway Trading (which has some pretty cool items — including a student violin for $50 if you have a child in music).
SurplusMags, at 40% cashback, has some great deals including — before cashback — $8.99 a year for Rolling Stone, ESPN, Weight Watchers, and Every Day with Rachael Ray.
Also at 40% — among others — is Foot Locker. Great time to get those back-to-school shoes, especially if you have an athlete in the family!
Many, many more great cashback deals to be had at Bing today — check it out!
1. When they give the cashback amount in a range (like 5-10%), how do I know which rate I’ll get?
Assume you’ll get the lowest rate in the range. Some specific items may offer an increased rate but the only way to know for sure is to do a product search on Bing for each item you’re considering, clicking to see the final price after cashback is factored in.
You CAN get a guaranteed rate on all purchases for those merchants that offer their cashback in a range IF you can find a sponsored search result for them on and click through it. For example, in the Bing merchant list, Ebags is listed as “22-40%.” But if you search for luggage, you’ll see a sponsored result offering 35% cashback at Ebags. Same thing with Sears — the Bing merchant list offers “4-32%.” Do a search on for craftsman and you’ll find a sponsored result for Sears (which doesn’t tell you how much it’s for, but when you click through, it tells you it’s 15% cashback). Clicking through the Bing merchant list, you’d only earn 4% cash back on the purchase of a TV, where you’d get 8% if you clicked through the search ad.
Sometimes you’ll get a higher rate even than what was listed in the range by finding a sponsored ad on Through Bing Cashback’s merchant list, NewEgg is listed as being 2.5%. Search for newegg on, though, and you’ll get an ad to click through for 10% cashback. Sponsored results offering over 2.5% for NewEgg are now gone but check back as they may return.
2. How do I get Ebay cashback since they’re not included in the Bing merchant list?
Only way is to do a search on for something that triggers a sponsored ad offering cashback at Ebay. Search for camera and you’ll be offered 10%, although they have promised up to 15%.
3. Can I use a coupon code and still get Bing cashback?
The official T&C of Bing say no, but there have been occasional reports on the deal forums that both went through. If the coupon > cashback, try to combine them but assume cashback won’t credit. If the coupon < cashback, don't push your luck by using it and possibly invalidating the cashback.
4. Can I get still get Bing cashback if I pay with a gift card? Can I earn Bing cashback when I buy a gift card?
Paying by gift card is listed as one of the potential reasons why your account won't be credited with cashback -- my feeling is that it probably depends on the merchant. To be sure you get credit, I don't suggest paying by gift card. As for earning on GC purchases, no, you can't earn for buying gift cards (except when buying them on Ebay).
5. Is this offer good for Canadians?
Nope, must be 18+ and a U.S. resident with a U.S. mailing address that isn't a P.O. box.
6. Do they pay cashback on shipping?
7. Do I get Bing cashback for Eastbay items that say, "This item is currently excluded from any $ off or % off discounts"? What about for joining the Gold club for free shipping when you buy the special hoodie?
Yes, and yes. You get cashback on both.
8. I placed an order through Bing at Sears and haven't gotten a cashback confirmation mail. Is this bad?
Not necessarily. According to the deal forums, no one who ordered from Sears on 8/10 has received a cashback confirmation yet. If you're planning to place a Sears order through Bing, you may want to take screenshots of the promised cashback % as you're clicking through to Sears in case a dispute arises.
Click to read more Bing Cashback FAQs or the Bing Cashback terms and conditions.

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