SwagBucks Now Offers Free Prepaid Debit Cards and Free Movie Tickets

August 9, 2009 · 0 comments

Search & Win SwagBucks has added a couple of new items to the Swag Store recently — you can get a free movie ticket (worth up to $12) for 99 SwagBucks, or a $10 prepaid Mastercard for 135 SwagBucks.
I’m still preferring the $5 Amazon GC for 45 SwagBucks (movie tickets in my area run for around $8, so Amazon’s a better value for the points), but the Mastercard is great in terms of being flexible enough to use anywhere, including offline. (At 135 SB, it’s also a slightly better value than the also-flexible $5 PayPal redemption at 70 SB.)
Just on the basis of your own searches, you can earn a minimum of 1 SB a day by doing searches for things you’d Google for anyway, and sometimes you get a 2 or 3 SB win (I just won 2 SB a few minutes ago). So it’s not impossible to cash out for $5 a month in Amazon GCs using SwagBucks, and if you refer a couple of friends, it goes a lot faster than that. SwagBucks does pay, and they pay fast (I usually get an Amazon code within 10 days of requesting it). I posted SwagBucks payment proof on Flickr a month or so back and I’ve gotten paid a few times since then.
SwagBucks is good people. Nice program. Give it a shot and see for yourself — here’s my link to join SwagBucks if you wouldn’t mind. :)

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