Bing to Double Cash Back Starting August 10th

July 20, 2009 · 0 comments

Bing will be doubling their already-high cashback rates starting on 8/10, according to an email last Thursday from Bing to their participating merchants.
This will be part of their back-to-school promotion, which will include a “broad marketing campaign” to raise awareness of Bing Cashback.
The email reassures merchants that although Microsoft (Bing) will be doubling consumer’s commissions (capping it at 50% cashback), the additional cashback will come out of Microsoft/Bing’s pocket, not the merchants’. It also confirms what many have suspected: that Microsoft is returning 100% of its earned commissions to the consumer.
I was a big fan of Jellyfish before its purchase by Microsoft for incorporation into as Live Cashback, and through its most recent evolution to Bing Cashback. In my annual cashback comparison analysis, the program (whatever it’s named at the time) is always a top performer. (See last year’s analysis here — the site, then Live Cashback, was ranked first out of 19 shopping rewards programs in the study.)
With cashback doubling on August 10th, the bargains will be even more outstanding. Some merchants with top rates BEFORE the doubling:
Domestications (now 12%) (now 10%)
Eastbay (now 25%)
Foot Locker (now 20%)
J&R (now 5%)
Luggage Online (now 14%)
Moosejaw (now 12.2%)
Puritan’s Pride (now 10%)
Shoebuy (now 15%)
Shoe Mall (now 19%)
StacksAndStacks (now 15%)
Things Remembered (now 13%)
Tiger Direct (now 5%)
VistaPrint (now 16%)
Please keep in mind that you may have to wait 90 days to receive your cashback (though for some retailers, it’ll be less), and that you are NOT permitted to use coupon codes when shopping through Bing merchants.
As word trickles out about this double cashback event, in anticipation of the sale, I expect savvy shoppers to be preparing their shopping lists in advance and hitting the high-cashback sites first. If there’s something in particular that you want from one of these retailers, I suggest you be ready to pounce first thing on August 10th.
Mark your calendars!
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