Last Man Standing

April 22, 2003 · 0 comments

(Or should that be, Dead Man Walking?)
Looks like we’re the last official paid site visit, beside the random site generator, up on PrimaRewards. Whoo-hoo!
Any bets on how long ’til we run outta hits and go bye-bye like all the others before us? I give us, hmm…maybe 5 more days? Let’s form a pool…and whoever comes closest to the actual number will win 50 million Prima points! And heck, I’ll throw in 750 Trocas and 4.5 billion Freeride points! They’re all probably worth about the same thing!!
Update, 4/23: I finally found the link that shows the progress of my banner campaign at Prima! As of this morning, I have 8,266 site visits left! I’ve been averaging about 400 Prima hits per day, so I’ll have about another 20 days left with you as my captive audience! Now, what evil things can I brainwash you into doing………okay, look deep into my eyes, repeat after me, “I want to donate all my Greenpoints to Becky!” Now, send your Greenpoints account number to and forget this conversation ever happened…(snap!)

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