SwagBucks Introduces PayPal Redemption

July 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Just got a note from Scott Dudelson, the CEO of SwagBucks, who wants everyone to know that SwagBucks has just added a redemption for PayPal!
You can choose to cash out your SwagBucks for PayPal at a rate of 80 SB for $5 PP.
This is obviously not as good a value as 45 SB for $5 Amazon, but for those of you who would rather the cash, it’s still a great redemption (especially compared to 125 SB for a $5 Barnes and Noble GC or 130 for a $5 Starbucks GC — request PayPal and buy your own Barnes and Noble or Starbucks GC for cheaper).
To entice anyone who hasn’t yet joined SwagBucks to give ‘em a try, they’ve issued a new SwagBucks code: enter CASHISKING when you register for a new account (aff) and they’ll start you out with 5 SwagBucks!
Does SwagBucks pay? They’ve paid me…again and again! See Swagbucks payment proof from my account!

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