Says Ad Demand Exceeds Supply…Temporarily

June 25, 2009 · 0 comments

In a blog post last week by the the co-founder of YouData (aff), Trae Nickelson, he admits that the “experiment called YouData” was hitting a bit of a snag: there are more members than there are ads for them to be paid to view. He asserts that this is only temporary and that advertisers are happy with the results they’ve gotten from the ads viewed on YouData.
During the first week of March, YouData introduced a referral program, which no doubt helped contribute to the “recent explosive growth” the site has experienced.
The membership growth is a good thing, says Nickelson, as having a larger membership base will make YouData a more attractive advertising option to big companies (as opposed to some of the very nice but somewhat obscure advertisers I’ve seen on the site so far).
YouData has plans to attract more advertisers, mostly revolving around hiring more salespeople and undertaking marketing efforts to let potential advertisers know what YouData is and how it works.
But in the meantime…I may have had one ad available to me in the last three weeks. That’s one heckuva lull in business. I hope they can get the attention of some advertisers and FAST, because all excuses and pretty charts aside, my interest in YouData is rapidly waning.

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