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The founders of (sold to Microsoft as Live Cashback, recently renamed Bing Cashback) are at it again! Today, Brian Wiegand and Mark McGuire launched a new shopping website, (aff), which WILL revolutionize the way you shop for household goods! And although it’s not a cashback site per se, I’m reviewing it here anyway. ;)

First of all, you want to join Alice with the referral link of an existing member (that’s mine, obviously!) because when you do, they’ll give you $10 in account credit once you spend $50 on the site. Plus, they’ll kick back to the referrer 3% of what you spend for the first year.
Alice is totally free to join, by the way — no membership fee required.

So, you sign up for a free account on and then you can shop for just about any household goods you want. There are a couple of things that come together to make for some outstanding prices on

1. Free shipping. They ask that you order at least 6 items, but your first order, they’ll let you slide on this one.

2. Sales tax. They do charge it, but there appears to be a good bit of savings here compared to what I normally pay in-store (maybe they charge state tax but not local? Not sure).

3. Coupons are available and can be applied electronically. No coupon clipping is required! There are some limits, obviously (I found a limit of one on several items, but was able to get two with the coupon-reduced price on some other items).

If, like me, you are VERY conscious of what items cost in-store, you’ll see that some prices on Alice are just “okay.” You may do better in-store buying store-brand items or loss leaders (you know, those ridiculously low-priced weekly specials they have sometimes to get ya in the door and entice you to buy other items that aren’t marked way down).  But if you cherry-pick, there are some totally amazing prices at!

Let me give you some examples:

Crest Whitening Baking Soda, Fresh Mint, 3.8 oz: $1.11 minus $.50 coupon = $0.61
Ritz Crackers Reduced Fat 14.5 oz: $3.99 minus $2.80 coupon = $1.19
Slim-Fast Optima Muffin Bars, Apple Cinnamon (6 ct.): $4.36 minus $3.05 coupon = $1.31
Dry Idea, 2.5 oz (assorted scents): $3.69 minus $2.00 coupon = $1.69

If you click Other Ways to Shop on the top blue menu bar, you can click Shop the Best Deals and it’ll display the top 50 most popular items, and the top 50 highest percentage off items.

You can set up reminders at Alice at specific intervals to remind you to reorder past purchases.

There are a TON of other options on the site including the Neighborhood where you can chat with other shoppers (a LOT of familiar Jellyfish nicknames online this morning).
You’ll definitely want to get in on the deals at Go now! Sign up with my link — you won’t regret it!

Update, 6/24: You may also want to read my review of on Gather.

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Ginger June 23, 2009 at 1:41 pm

Where you lead, I will follow. I signed up!


Mark McGuire June 23, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Thanks for the review Becky. I hope all is well!


Becky June 24, 2009 at 10:08 am

Mark, thanks so much for taking time out of what had to be an incredibly busy day for you to say hi! I wish you and Brian great success with The site looks great!


Hugh Mann September 16, 2011 at 8:32 pm

I gave Alice a chance, and my order arrived fast, no problems. I will check Alice first from now on.


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