SwagBucks Introduces Video Game Redemption; New Swagbucks Code

June 9, 2009 · 0 comments

SwagBucks added a new redemption today for members of its search-and-win program: check the Swag Store’s new Video Games & Consoles section for thousands of titles for the PSP, Xbox360, Wii, and PlayStation 3! as well as classic video game systems like the Dreamcast and the Game Gear!
The way SwagBucks works is, you use their search engine when you need to find something on the web (I set SwagBucks.com as my home page so I never forget to use it), and randomly after your searches you’ll be awarded “SwagBucks,” redeemable for gift cards and prizes. You can also get free limited time SwagBucks codes on their blog, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, and you can win them in various contests like the Tuesday Phrase that Pays. You can earn SwagBucks when you trade in old cell phones or when you submit a picture of yourself with some swag you received from the site. I’ve earned (and received) over $1,000 in gift cards with this program since I joined last year (thanks in large part to my many friends searching with me — when your friends win SwagBucks, you win, too)!
If you haven’t signed up yet for SwagBucks, I have a special SwagCode for new members joining today with my link: enter COMPAREREWARDS1 when you join and they’ll start you off with SIX SwagBucks!
I hear SwagBucks will be releasing even more new site features this week…stay tuned!

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