15% Cashback at Tiger Direct Through Bing (Up From 8.2%)

June 5, 2009 · 0 comments


Update, 6.12.10: The current best rate for Tiger Direct on Bing Cashback is 12%; no hidden keywords are triggering ads featuring a higher rate. Read for more information on Bing Cashback closing and alternatives to Bing Cashback.
Bing Cashback’s regular cashback rate for popular electronics retailer TigerDirect.com, if you go through the main portal site, is 5%. However, using the Bing.com search engine to find the secret bonus rate (keyword : laptop) had been bringing it up to 8.2%. Now they’ve bumped up Tiger Direct’s cashback rate to an amazing 15%! Go to Bing.com and search for laptop, look for the sponsored result (with a gold coin beside it) offering 15% at TigerDirect, and click through to activate cash back! (Don’t see it immediately? Refresh the page a time or two!)
Electronics sites usually pay in the 2-3% cashback range, so this is a fantastic rate. Be sure you compare prices before you buy, though, because it’s not a deal if it’s over 15% cheaper elsewhere! And remember to factor in sales tax (Tiger Direct only charges it to residents of FL, IL, NC, and TX) and shipping, too.

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