Secret Cashback Rate Boosts From Microsoft Live Cashback

May 28, 2009 · 0 comments

I’ve made a couple of posts in the past about how you can sometimes receive a higher cashback rate than what’s listed at Live Cashback (soon to be renamed Bing Cashback) by using the search engine and clicking through the sponsored results (look for a gold coin and compare the cashback rate offered there to what’s offered on the Live Cashback website).
Getting a higher cashback rate to appear in the search results requires knowing what to search for — the trigger search terms can be elusive and they change, as does the special cashback rate. So there’s a lot of trial and error required, refreshing the search results page, or scoping out various message forums to stay on top of it.
Here are a few search terms working today at to get you some of the secret cashback rate boosts (Note: you don’t have to buy what you search for — the search term just triggers the cashback boost which will apply to your entire order). If you know of others, please leave a comment — thanks!

  • tmobile (You’ll be offered 35% cashback at T-Mobile which isn’t listed at all on Live Cashback — note it doesn’t apply to prepaid refill minutes)
  • luggage (You’ll be offered 25% at Ebags, vs. the listed 11% on Live Cashback)
  • cosmetics (See the sponsored result for — you’ll be offered 20% cashback instead of the listed 10%)
  • watch (You’ll be offered 12% from Overstock, listed on Live Cashback as 2-7%)
  • laptop (You’ll be offered 8.2% from Tiger Direct, vs. the listed 5% on Live Cashback)
  • ipod (See the sponsored result for Ebay — you’ll be offered 8% cashback; Ebay’s not even listed on Live Cashback’s website)

If you’re unfamiliar with how Live Cashback works, get all the full scoop at their FAQ.

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