Friday = Payday for YouData Members and Mega Swag Bucks Day at

May 22, 2009 · 1 comment

These two programs don’t send out email newsletters, so you may forget to use them — here’s your reminder that Fridays are paydays for members of the YouData program (aff), which pays you to view ads (they haven’t sent this week’s payments yet so hurry and check to see if there are available ads for you to view!), and Fridays are also Mega Swag Bucks Day over at (aff), where you earn SwagBucks redeemable for gift cards and merchandise when you use their search engine to search the web.
I earn somewhere in the range of $.40-$.80 each week (paid to PayPal) on YouData for less than 2 minutes of my time, and I just checked my SwagBucks account and saw that I’ve earned (and been paid!) $1,020.00 through my searches and my friends’ on SwagBucks in just over a year! (I search through the main site and choose Amazon GCs for my redemptions — you get the best point value that way.)
Both great programs; I highly recommend them!

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Ginger May 22, 2009 at 12:26 pm

One of the things I use to remember to log into Swagbucks daily is their blog email feed. Like others, it is a day behind and arrives for me late in the evening. I need to ask them to send it out much earlier in the day. THAT would help me remember to log in earlier and find out all of the goodies that might be waiting on me.
OR, I could take my own advice and set up a reoccuring email to myself daily to remind me to log in. The same would work for YouData.
Both pay and both pay without waiting forever. Becky is right. These are good programs to join. Every day you put it off is lost earnings.
:::::waving HI BECKY:::::


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