Down for Good?

April 19, 2009

Is Netwinner down for good?
That’s the question on a lot of folks’ minds this morning, as visitors to and their associated sites,,,, and, among others, were all greeted with page load timeout errors.
If true, this would close the book on the sad, roller-coaster ride that was An addictive and too-profitable online game, the site’s reputation deteriorated to the point that unpaid members’ complaints to the Charlotte area BBB got the company ranked on its 10 worst businesses list.
The details of the Netwinner saga can be found all over the internet (Google Netwinner, Matt Coapman, Arion aka Aaron Hardison, Allen Dean, or mjp65, with or without the word “scam”, and you’ll read all you need to know and more). The individual stories of members who played, earned points, and were denied payments are also all over the internet and they’re often sad ones, as many of the game’s players were disabled, retirees, stay at home moms, or others on fixed incomes who played by the rules and still got shafted.
Netwinner did have some down time last month for “scheduled maintenance” and the site returned, so this may not be the site’s swan song — we can only hope. A shell of the great site it once was, according to this post, no prizes were available for the last two months and at least several of those who won drawings when the site went raffle-only report never receiving their prizes. Also noteworthy: the domain is scheduled to expire in two days.
If this is the end for Netwinner — well, first off, party at my house! Whoo-hoo! But in all seriousness, it’s a just and fitting end to a site that incensed thousands of people by refusing to pay members what they owed, but continuing to stay in business. Fair is fair, and that just wasn’t fair. Shame on the company’s management, and I hope they change their names and still can never escape the reputation they’ve earned as scammers and rip-off artists.
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