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MyLuckyRewards Review
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Who Can Join:
U.S. subscribers to Lucky Magazine; non-subscribers can try it for 90 days
How to Earn: Online shopping
Rewards Offered: Prepaid Visa cards, sent by mail automatically 6 weeks after a quarter ends in which you’ve accumulated $15 or more in cashback
Notes: Earnings don’t expire, but if you stop subscribing to Lucky and have less than $15 in your account, you’ll have to request the balance in writing.
My Take: As a quick benchmark, I pulled up Extrabux (aff) and compared it to MyLuckyRewards’s rates, and Extrabux beat ‘em out. Of course, Extrabux was one of the highest-rated cashback sites in my 2008 analysis, so that might not have been a fair comparison to “average,” but in my opinion, if you have to pay to belong to a cashback site, and in MyLuckyRewards’ case, you do have to be a paying subscriber to the magazine, you need to offer far and beyond what the free rewards programs offer. In this case, MyLuckyRewards does not. IMHO: Skip it.

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