Message Forum…with a Twist

April 8, 2003 · 0 comments

Do we need another message forum for rewards program users and deal-hunters? My answer: maybe. That’s why I’ve added the CompareRewards Forum to the website, on a trial run. What makes us different?
Well, the other forums have strict rules on self-promotion. I don’t. If you have a website that you think others would be interested in (whether it’s about shopping and rewards programs or not), plug it! If you run a site and want to tell everybody your specials, I’m listening! If you want to put your website in your signature, put it there!
I have a degree in economics, and I’m a big proponent of the free market. I don’t think you can have open competition if information isn’t free and available. Competition is good! So, come by, post about any deals you see, or any deals you yourself are offering. I even have a section set up for you to request referrals.
We’ll give the forum a trial run for a couple of months — if it’s not used or if it’s misused, we’ll pull the plug. Meanwhile, please come check it out!
p.s. PrimaRewards members looking for a replacement forum…come on in!

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