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January 30, 2009 · 1 comment Review
Please click to join YouData.
Date Launched: 2008
Minimum to Request Payment: None — members paid by PayPal automatically each week
Earn For: Viewing ads, visiting websites
Limit One Account Per: US resident 13 or older with a unique cell phone number (more than one account per household is okay; currently it’s also okay to share PayPal accounts for instance with a spouse’s account)
My Take: I joined this site back in November and meant to post about it then but time kinda got away from me. The added time has given me more confidence in recommending this program to you, though. The site’s got a nice look and feel, a bit of a sense of humor, and indeed, they do pay you every week (Fridays, usually) as promised.
One thing I like about YouData is that you’re not required to give your real name, address, or social security number. You are required to provide a US-based cellular number, so they can text you with a confirmation code. This is to deter people from abusing the system by creating multiple accounts, because they don’t send your computer a cookie or anything else to identify you. I did it and in 3 months of membership haven’t gotten any unsolicited phone calls, so I’m pretty confident they uphold their promise to not provide it to their advertisers.
I also like that you are paid every week, regardless of your balance, and you don’t have to go in and request payment — they send it automatically. I’ve been making around $1 a week — granted, not a ton of money, but I like the idea that advertisers are paying for my attention, and I’m very conscientious about giving them their money’s worth: when I click through to visit the advertiser’s website, I spend time checking it out, bookmarking it for future visits if I think it’s worthwhile.
The downside: There really isn’t much of one, except that they don’t send you any kind of reminder emails when new ads are available for you to view — if you want to get paid each week, you have to remember to visit the site at least once a week. They also deduct a small portion of your earnings for a PayPal fee. I don’t understand why this is, but it is a very small amount.
The site just implemented a referral program, where you can earn up to $1 for each of your referrals. Appreciate it if you joined with my link — thanks!

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James February 19, 2009 at 9:42 am

Hello! Thank your for your review of YouData!
We are still in what we consider to be a launch phase but we have been adding advertisers and MeFiles at a pretty steady pace. We are building a new marketplace for attention so it’s going to take some time but we are pleased with the results thus far.
Our MeFile-based referral program is in testing right now and we hope to have it in production within the next couple of weeks.
Lastly, we were selected as a finalist “Innovative Web Technology” for the upcoming SXSW Interactive festival in Austin and we are excited to be debuting our new video-based version of service.
More links for you:
YouData corporate blog: for details.
YouData support site:
Thanks for spreading the word.
James Mayes


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