Two years ago, Superpoints — home of the insanely addictive Superlucky Button — shut down abruptly when the company managing the site went out of business.  I’m pleased to announce that Superpoints is back!  Scam or legit site?  Here is my revised review:

Superpoints is an invitation-only free-to-join points-based rewards program that allows you to earn points, redeemable for free gift cards and other merchandise prizes, in various ways:

  • superpoints invitation click hereCompleting surveys
  • Completing offers on the Trialpay offer portal such as downloading apps, joining websites, and entering contests
  • Winning random points through clicking the Superlucky Button
  • Referring friends (both when they join and as a percentage of their Superlucky Button wins)
  • Sponsoring people who come to the site without an invitation…they become your referral, too

Membership is by invitation only:  here is my invitation link to join Superpoints.

As you earn points, you gradually increase your XP level.  That’s a good thing, because when your XP level goes up, you get more clicks of the Superlucky Button each day, and more opportunities to sponsor new members.

superpointsinvitationlinkAbout the Superlucky Button:  In order to increase your daily available clicks from 10 to 100, you’ve got two options:  refer five friends and sponsor one more…or just pay $14.95 a year.  This optional paid membership gives you a couple of other perks:  no ads during Superlucky Button play, and priority in processing your points redemptions.

Another interesting twist at Superpoints is something called Karma, which is a ranking of 0 to 5 depending on the type and frequency of activities you do on the site.  If you’re more active, you’ll have more Karma, and that unleashes a multiplier effect on the points you earn.

Use my Superpoints invitation link to sign up if you’re in the US and you’re 18 or older.  Limit one membership per household.

Please note:  Superpoints is VERY vigilant about monitoring accounts for fraud.  You can’t refer your toddler, your dog, and your dead grandma.  They will find out, and you’ll lose ALL accounts.

I’ve been a member of the new Superpoints for two weeks and have already earned enough almost enough for a $25 GC…could have cashed in at $10 but I wanted a bigger reward!  I’m excited to see Superpoints return, and so far, I’m lovin’ the new site!

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extrabux173Extrabux has been sold to Ebates, according to an Ebates press release issued this morning.  Founders Jeff Nobbs and Noah Auerhahn will work to develop Ebates’ Chinese cashback program.

I’ve been a long-time member of both cashback programs and am absolutely tickled pink at this development.  I would love to see Ebates incorporate the unique price comparison tool that Extrabux developed — search for a product and it would tell you where to find it for the cheapest, taking into account available coupon codes and cashback, and factoring in shipping and tax.

Not sure if Extrabux will close altogether, if cashback earned will be rolled into Ebates accounts, or what.  If you’re an Extrabux member, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for an email from them explaining what to expect from here.

Congrats to Jeff and Noah, and Ebates:  congrats on making a great cashback purchase!  ;)

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ShopYourWayRewards LogoShopYourWay Rewards members, heads-up for an email they sent out this morning:  click through it to sign up for Lands’ End emails, and you’ll receive $5 in SYWR points instantly!  You can use these like store credit for anything you may want to buy, online or in-store.

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If you’re visiting CompareRewards today after reading Gregory Karp‘s great Spending Smart article, “Portals open path to back to school savings” in today’s Chicago Tribune…thank you for stopping by!  You can read more about my credentials on my About page but in a nutshell, I’ve been using cashback sites, points-based rewards programs, paid survey sites, and other loyalty programs since 1997 and have blogged about them since 1999.

I do an annual chat with representatives of quite a few of these programs every year in October — sign up here to get updates on this year’s event.  We usually give out quite a few prizes during the course of the chat.  It’s both informative AND fun!

Ever find a cool website and then totally forget about it?  Please don’t do that with CompareRewards!  You can stay in touch by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter!

Take a look around and send me an email if you have any questions, if I can recommend a particular cashback portal based on where you shop, or if you’d like suggestions for some good legitimate, paying programs that pay you for doing things on the internet like watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, listening to music, and more!

Thanks again for visiting!

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Here is a summary of the programs mentioned in the Tribune and how they compare:

Ebates FatWallet MrRebates Upromise
Founded 1998 Founded 2002 Founded 2002 Founded 2001
1,600+ stores 1,000+ stores 2,500+ stores 950+ stores
$5 signup bonus No signup bonus $7.50 signup bonus No signup bonus
Check, PayPal Check, PayPal Check, PayPal Deposit to Section 529 plan, repayment of student loans, deposit to Sallie Mae HYSA, check
$5.01 minimum for payment PayPal: $0 min., Check:  $10 $10 minimum for payment $10 minimum for payment
Quarterly paymt, 6 weeks after end of quarter Weekly paymt Paymt on 1st of month following paymt request The month following paymt request
Two daily double cashback stores, weekly cashback increases on around 10 stores, sometimes larger scale promos.  Offers cashback for some Amazon departments. One daily double cashback store, occasionally other cashback promotions.  Hugely active deal forum.  Offers cashback for some Amazon departments. One weekly double cashback store, frequent promos with hundreds of participating stores, several daily prize giveaways per year (no purchase required) One daily double cashback store, occasional promotions, most stores at 5% cashback, extra 5% for paying with the Upromise credit card
Join Ebates Join FatWallet Join MrRebates Join Upromise
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It’s that time of year again…back to school shopping!  And lucky for those of us who shop online through a cashback program, our favorite cashback sites are offering increased rates and special promotions in order to get our business.  And, as always, these cashback sites also provide coupon codes where available to lower your out-of-pocket cost.  Here’s a quick look at who’s doing what:

has the best back to school promotion going on right now, IMHO, with 250 stores offering increased cash back through August 25th, PLUS they’re giving away a free iPad Mini per day!  No purchase is required, just click through to visit one of the stores in their Back to School promotion for a chance to instantly win.  Standout merchants include:  Dell at 5%, Foot Locker at 8%, and Shoebuy at 15%.


ebatesbtsEbates has a back to school promotion going through August 26th that increases their rates on 18 participating stores.  Standout merchants include:  3% at Amazon in the categories of Textbooks and Luggage (including backpacks), 8% at JCPenney, and 6% at Macy’s.

has a dozen stores offering extra cash back through August 26th.  Standout merchants include:  Walgreens at 8% and Lands’ End at 6% (the same rates as sister site Ebates, but with no minimum to cash out for PayPal vs. a $5.01 min. at Ebates) and Tommy Hilfiger at 8%.

Upromise has not yet started their Back to School promotion, but their Summer of Savings Calendar shows they’ll be “featuring” merchants in different back to school themes each week from 8/12 through 9/1.  There’s no promise of increased cashback; in fact, only one of the merchants in their the current weekly “feature” of travel has a cashback increase.  However, their everyday rate of 5% on Gap, Old Navy, and American Eagle is about double that of their competitors.

Memolink has a Back to School promotion going on with increased shopping rates (paid in points per dollar, versus % cashback) for around 40 merchants.  Calculating their rates is tricky since they are a points-based program, but if you multiply the number of points per dollar times .000625 then move the decimal place over two, you’ll get a percentage equivalent.  TBH, I wasn’t industrious enough to check more than a couple of rates, and the ones I did check were just average.

These were the only programs I checked that were offering Back to School increased cashback promos.  If you know of any others, please leave a comment and let me know, and I’ll add them to the list!

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Free Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points

July 17, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted free points codes for Kellogg’s Family Rewards (read my less-than glowing review of the program here) and I’ve come across some more to share.  Not that it’ll do you much good — their rewards are still lousy and cost too many points.  But if FWIW, here are the [...]

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Daily Increased Cashback Rates for July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

Here are today’s Daily Increased Cashback Rates – July 12, 2013: Ebates:  123inkjets @ 32% (was 16%) and eCampus @ 7% (was 3.5%), and ten cashback increases in their People’s Choice (mostly) double cashback promo: Macy’s @ 10% (was 3%) — they were 10% last week, too JCPenney @ 8% (was 4%) Kohl’s, Lowes, and [...]

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Best Buy Reward Zone Program Changes Effective July 2013

June 19, 2013

Best Buy announced today a couple of changes to their RewardZone rewards program, effective 7/30/13: 1.  RewardZone points will no longer expire at the end of the year; they’ll carry over as long as you have some activity in your account every 12 months.  Their end of year point expiration was a huge complaint members [...]

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National Small Business Week 2013 — Tip for Small Businesses

June 17, 2013

This week marks the 50th anniversary of National Small Business Week, first recognized by Presidential Proclamation in 1963 by President Kennedy. As I talk with fellow small business owners, I’m surprised by how few of them shop online, and of those who do, how few are using coupon codes to get their out of pocket [...]

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